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Brad Fitzpatrick

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sql, bills, clean room [Nov. 26th, 2000|10:26 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
I've been working on three new LJ features: 1) rewriting the message board system (and changing the table structure to be faster, like I did for the journal entry tables a few weeks ago) ... 2) to-do lists, even though it isn't journal related: I need it for myself, and we want it for lj_biz. each to-do list item has its own message board (which the new message board system accommodates) 3) the adopt-a-newbie system.

but I'm knee-deep in SQL (what a dumb expression: knee-deep) so I decided to take a break and pay the electric bill finally. have to find my checkbook first, so that leads me to the next project...

I need to clean my room. No more excuses... I'm going to do it! When my Nikon camera arrives tomorrow (hopefully), I'll setup a "see brad's room" page, which'll be like a webcam, but only updating every 5 minutes or so... then you'll see my dirty as hell room in all its 3.1 megapixel glory.... you'll be able to count the dust particles!

From: sweetipy
2000-11-28 07:07 am (UTC)


I shall be looking for the dust particles! *looks long and hard* WAIT...you don't have that page set up! Silly me...I'm just really feelin great right now...because I'm half asleep and I have no idea what I'm talking about...but have no fear I still know what I'm doing...not making any mistakes...as of yet....but anywayz...find me on the live journal...my login name is Sweetipy...have a nice day ummm...Brad I do believe your name is!
Love, ME!
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