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worked on LJ a bunch ... got the search engine performing orders of magnitude faster. I haven't made the changes live, but I will tomorrow probably.

my digital camera arrived in Seattle and is now in transit to Redmond. why redmond? I guess they go there and then drive it back to me in seattle. silly UPS.

i'm going to go to bed now and read my book some more before I fall asleep.

I have a linguistics test tomorrow that I haven't studied for. I'm going to wake up early and see what I can absorb before I get there. My TA in there is going on strike.... pisses me off. You're a damn student... you're getting free tuition anyway... grr. Stupid TA union.

i dried out my carpet today so my room smells less gross now, but it's not too great. kenji -- in our house next year we'll have to get a place big enough that we can all store our refridgerators outside of our room. oh yes.

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  • hi

    Posting from the iPhone app. Maybe I'm unblocked now.

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