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Brad Fitzpatrick

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because my life is exciting [Nov. 30th, 2000|12:48 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
* bought carpet cleaner so my room won't smell like mold. my headache's gone, but now blythe has a headache from the cleaning foam. i like the foam smell. mmmm... chemicals. tasty.

* ordered pizza. on its way. more tasty when it arrives.

* my camera's in transit from UPS HQ Redmond. should be here any time. can't wait to post some 3.1 million pixel jpegs. ahfuckinyea'!

* i got $100 out of the ATM the other day. now it's nearly gone. so sad.


[User Picture]From: quantumbee
2000-11-30 01:00 pm (UTC)



i found you randomly. i'm jealous of your layout...it's quite nice. hope you get your camera soon. cameras are good things.

take care.
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From: evan
2000-11-30 01:07 pm (UTC)

Re: doobeedoo

To find more about his layout,
look at this.
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