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Brad Fitzpatrick

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so... damn... tired... [Dec. 1st, 2000|10:45 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
i'm going to pass out, i'm so tired.

skipping linguistics now... he's repeated the same material the past 3 lectures. god i hate intro classes. (oh wait--- that's all i'm taking next quarter: *sigh*) well, at least i can safely skip them.

i'll skip databases today, too ... that class is really technical, but he teaches us all like we're in 1st grade. grrr. but all his slides are on the web, so it's always safe to skip that class.

need to go get some subway (energy?) and then go to one last class. then i sleep!

i'm excited about the imminent arrival of my digital camera and new LJ servers... toys! (hmm... what [unix] operating systems to install on the new servers... so many choices. freebsd? linux? openbsd? i've been weighing all the pros and cons in my mind... i'll keep thinking about it.)

From: m4rk
2000-12-02 02:48 am (UTC)

Re: freebsd!

openbsd's code is audited to try to *prevent* things like buffer overflows that result from bad coding practices. however, any 3rd party software you install (including from ports) might well have bugs that are exploitable. it's only the core OS that gets audited.

my choice is freebsd. linux (esp. redhat) is too glossy and full of superfluos crap. the tcp/ip stack is better on fbsd which should help with the pounding these machines will get.

if you do go for redhat, *don't* go for 7...
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