Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

today's agenda

07:45: bike to campus
07:55: get coffee
08:20: go to physics, read paper
08:30: take physics review notes for 50 minutes
09:20: bike to kane hall
09:30: review linguistics material for an hour
10:30: linguistics final
11:20: bike to cs building, check scott's progress
12:15: eat?
12:30: compiler class. will anybody be there? questionable.
13:30: database class. final review day. notes/sleep.
14:20: work on compiler project.
15:45: database project demonstration.
16:00: work on compiler project
17:00: compiler project due
17:05: bike home
17:15: sleep.

2 minutes late!
Tags: bike
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