Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

my fan(s?) in the cs department

funny story: I went to take a piss today before our DB project demonstration and I step up the urinal, unzip, and this guy that was just leaving starts talking to me, "Brad? Hey, blah blah..." Instead of talking to him while pissing (that's too Iowa for me -- they always talk while pissing), I just zipped up and turned around and talked to him ... turns out he all knows who I am and really respects all the stuff i've done and what i post on the mailing lists and my websites, and etc etc etc... his name is jason. seems like a cool guy (and not just because he's part of the bradfitz fan club). all kinda weird, though .. especially because it was in the bathroom. i'll have to talk to him next time i see him around. he seemed really interested in learning more about programming and web development and stuff, that's what impressed me... most CS people just do the bare minimum to get by and go home everynight and play quake during every free hour they have. (no, i'm not talking about you scott.... you play starcraft. hehe. just kiddin'. scott's cool.)
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