Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Can they get any stupider?

i don't want to sound too idiotic, but i think that i am in love with henry, and i think that he loves me too, because he sent me a really long letter, and two mixed tapes, and nobody has ever done that for me before, and i always do stuff like that when i really really like somebody. his letter was so funny, he has a very weird sense of humor, and writes about the school he is at like it's the sickest, weirdest place in the world. i found out he's only one year older than me which is nothing, and he's coming to see the play this weekend.

danny is coming too, but i think it will be cool, except that i wonder what henry will think about danny because i know danny's not stupid, but hardly anybody else can tell, and i hope henry doesn't say anything that danny doesn't get, because then, it will be like i have to act like i didn't get it either.

I need some help!

;-} anna

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