Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Technology Ain't So Grand

I'm getting really pissed at technology lately. I've gone through five web hoster now. I thought I found one I liked but this one has a bunch of environment variables that aren't showing up in CGI scripts, at least in certain circumstances. I've mailed tech support with exact details but they ignore me. My answering machine/cordless phone sucked, I returned it. I got a voice modem to computer-ize the whole process. After hours of COM/IRQ configuration I got it working. It sucked too. I love how they ship 16-bit applications and drivers and put a "Works with 95/98/NT" sticker on it to make you think it's current. It was a piece of shit. I returned it today. Windows 98 disabled my computer's ability to show my screen on my TV, thus I can't vcr record presentations/slideshows anymore. Just fixed it today, after a week of screwing with it. All my batteries in my remotes thought it'd be funny to die on me on the same day. My left computer speaker developed a high pitch annoying sound, or is that the ISO mp3 encoders I'm using? Should I use the Franhofer encoders? But I have to pay for that? No way. Found out one of my old webhosters, Prohosting, charged me twice for something, once after I had left their damn company. Thing is, it was their Utah dial-up division that charged me. Hello? WTF? I don't have a dial-up in Utah, I live in Oregon!

Things keep getting worse. I'm getting really sick of technology. I just want to go to a tropical island and swim around in warm lagoon waters.

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