Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

stupid office / hate

things i hate about office 2000: the clipboard stack. good idea, bad implementation. the idea is that you can copy multiple things and paste them back in order. (or in any order?)

the bad part is that it doesn't really work. it doesn't know that when you copy something from a document and then paste it into another application, you're likely done with it... try pasting parts of a word document into notepad, then going back and copying another part of the document. word brings up its dumb multiple clipboard floating toolbar. go the fuck away, i say! I don't want to see you .... you think you're smart but you're not.

i hate microsoft software. have i said that before? wastin' my time. then again, i hate most open source software too, with a few exceptions. i hate so many things. i hate noise... i hate most people.

i'm going to get out of this house and away from my computer where I can go study undistracted somewhere.

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