Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

filtering spam with outlook? oh no.

I showed Eli the awesome power that is junkfilter and he was pretty awed by it all ... I showed him all the rules it had and how many messages it catches for me each day. I was going to set it up for him (since he gets so much spam ... probably because of all those porn sites he visits), but the school doesn't have procmail installed, and doesn't respect .forward files. They have their own weird forwarding system, where all mail is by default fowarded to, where the MDA is, but you can choose where the forwarding goes... i was going to make his @u mail go to eli, and then filter it, leave the spam on an IMAP account for him, then forward the rest of it back to @deskmail, but he didn't like that solution. So, he's going to try and make a bunch of Outlook Express rules without regular expressions to filter his spam .... I pity the fool. He'll be back.

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