Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

The last few days...

It's been awhile since I posted. The problem with writing a journal is that you can either 1) say too little and not express yourself, 2) say too much too quickly and sound dumb, or 3) work on your journal entry to perfection and waste an hour. I'm going to try and do something between 2 and 3.

The beach
The beach was awesome. Weather was perfect. We made a fire on the beach and I spun fire more. Things were going well until the hot metal wire around one of the wicks came unraveled and wrapped around my hand. I now have burn marks criss-crossing from my thumb and index finger down around my wrist. It's not that bad of a burn, though. I have to be more careful how I make my wicks in the future. The one that broke was actually one my mom made, though ... we said we should sue her for the price of my parent's beach house, and buy it from them. heheheheh.

After the fire, we went inside and played Scrabble. It was one of the most locked-up ugly boards I've ever played. Nick kept wanting to put down words like "gayjews" (onto the existing "jews") and "nigga". Actually, Nick was having fun being extremely racist the entire trip ... it was so wrong that it was funny. Is it bad to be amused by things that are so racist that they're obviously a joke? I don't think so. I used to have a page on my old website with racist jokes. People loved it but as the Internet grew, so did the number of complaints, despite the big disclaimer. *sigh* After scrabble we watched U-571 ... I love submarine movies, and I love movies with Germans running around ... so it was a good movie. :-) We were up until 4, then went to bed...

In the morning we walked down the beach until we came to a cliff. Nick dared me to climb up it, so I did. I got to the top but looking down scared the shit out of me. Instead, I kept going up the hill after the cliff and walked around until I found another way to come down. It was some fun climbin' and hikin' ...

Modest Mouse
Last night Nick, Dan, Blythe, Garrett, Jenny, and I went to the Modest Mouse concert in the Crystal Ballroom. Modest Mouse rules. The Crystal Ballroom rules. The show was awesome, and the people there were all very interesting. Blythe wasn't feeling well so went to the back where it wasn't so crowded... I spent a lot of time observing people. With the exception of a few 13 year-old girls dancing around stupid and smoking not listening to the music, everybody "looked" like a very smart and worthwhile person. The crowd was very polite and laid-back, unlike most concerts.

Going back to Seattle!
Blythe's finally awake (I let her sleep), so now it's time to pack up and head back to Seattle, after I run some errands. Erik finally got the money to me for rent (he's always a week behind everybody else when it comes to paying bills) so now I have to go run to Washington Mutual and transfer rent money to our slublord's bank account. Grrr... that's why I like people to pay me a few days ahead of time, so I have more than a few hours on one day to take care of things, and because it sometimes takes awhile for some checks to clear.

Anyway, time to start getting ready to go.
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