Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

last two hours i've been working on getting my nikon coolpix 880 working under linux 2.4 w/ gphoto2 .... nobody's written a driver yet, so I'm modifying the 990 driver to work with the 880 .... the USB vendor ID is the same... I found out that the device ID is just one above the 990 ... 0x0103 where the 990 is 0x0102 ...

it's getting a lot farther than it did 2 hours ago.... it can now talk to the camera and list the directories (though garbled) ... but i remember somebody on a mailing list talking about the same problem ... think i still have to apply a patch. the gphoto2 sources aren't that well maintained it seems.... patches on the mailing list from months ago still haven't been committed to the tree. sad.

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