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Brad Fitzpatrick

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yay [Jan. 10th, 2001|01:36 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
* got food with erik
* dormando helped me fix my screen problem

class at 10:30 tomorrow -- what to do now? sleep, or program? i'm pretty tired, but I also want to program. hmmm... the eternal debate.

normally I'd take programming, but I think I'm leaning towards sleep tonight ... my bed is calling out for me. and my flannel pooh pants that I got for xmas, lost, and found while cleaning my room the other day. flannel pants rule.


[User Picture]From: holyloki
2001-01-10 08:40 am (UTC)

ok, maybe this isn't the place but...

a couple lj related comments for ya:

First, this.

Second-Any chance the comments listings could be reinstated?

Third-Is there a way for alternate pictures to be used in comments?

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