Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Went to see the movie "Traffic" with Patrick, Blythe, Kenji, Scott, and Chuck. (probably forgetting somebody). It was pretty damn cool.

I'm angry now for some reason. I think because I'm hungry, and people keep bugging me. I went to Safeway and bought $50 worth of groceries... a record for me, perhaps. Usually I buy one or two items, they last two days, and then I starve for two weeks. Oh no, not this time... I went in there starving (which you're not supposed to do), and I actually ended up buying a lot of food, and healthy food too (for the most part).

Going over to Blythe's house now for dinner ... she's been doing this cook-everybody-dinner thing lately. Her sister's there, and Kenji and Amy. I'm probably late. But I'm bringing salad!

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