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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Disturbing [Jan. 16th, 2001|11:54 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Read this interview with Dubya. Even ignoring how poorly he speaks (most disturbingly, starting the majority of his sentences with the word "And"), read how arrogant he his about his new position:

Tom Brokaw: And some forms of — birth control even. What if he appoints a Solicitor General who will make the case of the government before the U.S. Supreme Court who shares his feelings, would that make you unhappy?
George W. Bush: But you understand who’s the president? He understands who — who’s going to occupy the chair in the Oval Office. John’s a team player when it comes to that.


Tom Brokaw: President Clinton is going out of office with an approval rate of 64 percent, higher than Ronald Reagan or any other outgoing president in modern memory. That says the country likes what he’s been doing.
George W. Bush: Well, maybe so, but he’s not going to be the president on January 20. I am.

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[User Picture]From: yunicorner
2001-01-16 07:37 pm (UTC)
Apparently bright people like ones from livejournal voted for or supported the right person. Thank you. How Bush got half the votes is beyond me. And i'm sorry Texas is getting so much slack that does seem unfair.
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[User Picture]From: intech
2001-01-16 08:01 pm (UTC)


You're looking at the question wrong. George W. is simply saying (in the second response) that Brokaw asked a stupid question. Who cares about Clinton's approval rating? We will soon have a new president and it won't matter - the country is to respect it's new executive.

And don't give Clinton credit he doesn't deserve. As a response to one post... Clinton is not responsible for the economic growth in this country, and in fact just the opposite is true. He's caused the economic slow down that we are seeing right now, and he refuses to do anything about it because he wants to make it look like it's Bush's fault.

Don't be fooled by the lies that come out of Clinton's mouth.
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[User Picture]From: swerve
2001-01-16 08:36 pm (UTC)

Re: Huh?

Tom Brokaw: President Clinton is going out of office with an approval rate of 64 percent, higher than Ronald Reagan or any other outgoing president in modern memory. That says the country likes what he�s been doing.

Who cares about Clinton's approval rating? How about the citizens who created it? The country likes what he's been doing, and as an official elected by the country's people, it's incumbent upon Bush to keep America happy. He needs to wise up, because if he treats Congress with that kind of arrogance, he's going to get spanked and the voters will take it out on his party.
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[User Picture]From: jimmiebeeee
2001-01-17 01:07 am (UTC)

Re: Huh? Context?

I read the transcript of the interview with Tom Brokaw. Here's how that supposedly arrogant "so what" comment reads like in context:

Tom Brokaw: President Clinton is going out of office with an approval rate of 64 percent, higher than Ronald Reagan or any other outgoing president in modern memory. That says the country likes what he�s been doing.

George W. Bush: Well, maybe so, but he�s not going to be the president on January 20. I am. And I look forward to the opportunity to serve and � you know the president � the president�s an interesting person. I�ve learned some lessons from him. And one of them is how to use the bully pulpit to define relations with Congress, for example. He played the end game very well with the members of Congress, and I think it�s a good lesson for not only this incoming president, but future presidents as well. And he�s certainly been an active president on the way out of town too. And I can � I can understand that, and appreciate that.

It's easy to make someone look like an ass by quoting one line out of context.

In the context of the interview transcript, and the transcript of an interview in Sunday's New York Times, Bush comes across more as someone confident he can do the job and eager to get going.

But it doesn't matter. The liberals burning Bush look for anything to attack, from proper concerns about his cabinet nominees (I'm beginning to have my own reservations about John Ashcroft) to ad hominem rants about mangled syntax and starting his sentences with "And."

I've heard the same rants about Clinton and Gore from Republican talk radio for nine years (including the 1992 campaign).

That said, I may soon regert Bush's taking office.
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From: morada
2001-01-16 09:57 pm (UTC)
I'm not even done reading the full interview yet, but holy Christ . . .

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From: morada
2001-01-16 10:09 pm (UTC)
Okay, now having read the full interview, I guess I can say I'm pretty much appalled. I had a disillusionment period from two weeks after election day until around now, where I've missed stuff, but all during the campaign trail I paid lots of attention to what was going on, and it really seemed to me that Bush could talk and talk but never really say anything.

I'm a Democrat, and hell, you can't blame me. No lesbian in her right mind (at least who plans to get any partner benefits in the future) could look at herself in the mirror if she claimed to support Dubya. I'm scared about the next four years, and sad because the selection was so damned weak that Americans couldn't do anything but pick their parties...riiiiight down the center. The sore loser in me wants to yell at Nader, but it's time to get over that now.

All I can do is just hope and pray this turns out to be a period of stasis. If the legislation the Republicans seem to want gets passed, it'll be bad for my side of the war. And if crimes against black people are hate crimes, why aren't crimes against gay people? And when are the stupid fuckers on Capitol Hill gonna find out that all crimes are hate crimes?

Through my whole period of maturity, I've had Clinton as president. I've been really happy about that, too. I certainly didn't see much by the way of adverse affects from his time in office. What makes me really angry is when people judge the president for moral character. The man's sexual life was none of our business. I was repulsed to have to hear it in every pornographic detail from people that were getting off on the scandal. The Media is at fault there much more than Clinton in dividing the country. They feed off of anything controversial.

I'm willing to give Bush a chance. Hell, I have no choice. I'm sad, angry, and worried. But maybe some good can come from this. Or maybe just four years of nothing.
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From: lecriswe
2001-01-16 10:50 pm (UTC)

I'm in the minority here...

I voted for Bush. Texas is one of the most awesome states in the union because it has maintained it's own identity which was one of the goals set by the people who founded the state a long, long time ago. Bush isn't as suave as most politicians but that's one of the things I like about him. He's down to earth like most Texans and Oklahomans. Down here, we never know a stranger and we come together in time of need. I don't see how that kind of attitude can do any harm to America. Bush has done a lot for the state of Texas and no one can dispute that. I hope he will do the same for the nation. Only time will tell but I can honestly say that I will never regret voting for George W. Bush.
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[User Picture]From: nashata
2001-01-17 12:01 am (UTC)


It's time to get done with all the fighting and partison politics. Like it or not George W. Bush is our new President.
I think that he's going to do a fine job. I'm proud to say that he got my vote and will have my full support.
I'm sick and tired of hearing nothing but comment after comment about the ignorance of Mr. Bush. Are you trying to say you've never been nervous? Never mispronounced a word? Never struggled to find the exact word you want to emphasize your point? He's human and doesn't try to hide his imperfections.
I'll never understand why some people think that Clinton is somehow "cool" because he cheated on his wife, smoked pot, lied to the nation, and helped to maintain a constant turmoil among the people.
No one is perfect. I don't think we expect anyone to be perfect. What will happen to this country if all we do is complain about such trivial things? If we are divided, we can not stand.

*By the way, what's the big deal over cowboy hats? It's just a hat. I wear one sometimes. It has something to do with cultural environment. You're affected by the cultur you grow up in. If you listen to country music and wear cowboy hats and boots it does not make you less intelligent. If you believe it does than perhaps you might wabt to look into racial sensitivity classes.*
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[User Picture]From: jimmiebeeee
2001-01-17 01:28 am (UTC)

Re: Republican. Oh you're the one.

Yippie! Yours admission of support for George W. Bush I've read on LiveJournal. And I've read dozens of whining, bitching, downright nasty comments against him. (Oops, I started a sentence with "And".)

I voted for Nader (I will not take any blame for the election being so close!) because I've been fed up with the two major parties since 1988. I didn't see a whole lot to choose from between Bush and Gore (I refuse to play the lesser-of-two-evils game).
And I may regret that Bush is the president.

(Another "And". How could I be so dumb?)

But I agree with you. He doesn't come across arrogant so much as a supremely confident man eager to get started.

The Bush burners look for any weak point or perceived weak point to attack. And it's generally fun reading liberal rants against conservatives anyway (Oh, there I go again, starting another sentence with "and" � gosh I is so stoopid.) Much of it is reatreaded ad hominum silliness (insert new enemy name here). But I also get fed up with the liberal bashers on most conservative talk radio. I wish people on both sides would try to seriously find something nice to say about their opponents.
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[User Picture]From: wbush
2001-01-17 12:18 am (UTC)


You dare say these things about me? I will have the secret sevrice destroy you!!! My power is only matched by my brain! and my power and my brain are powerful and can think up and do stuff!
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[User Picture]From: gore
2001-01-17 12:24 am (UTC)


You are such a moron.
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[User Picture]From: yizhe
2001-01-17 02:24 am (UTC)


If you are so powerful, then you won't be typing in this comment... you should have destroyed brad's home/house with a nuke... :p
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[User Picture]From: yizhe
2001-01-17 02:22 am (UTC)
Honestly, I must say this :
I LOVE Clinton Administration,
Expect to LIKE Gore Administration,
But finally has to SETTLE for Bush Administration

And Clinton should get the 'most popular/well-liked/cute president award.. '
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[User Picture]From: samedarkclouds
2001-01-17 12:23 pm (UTC)

better yet.....

The Dubya flics here are priceless... Camp Chaos!
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[User Picture]From: kalei
2001-01-19 12:14 am (UTC)

Re: better yet.....

Ok, which ones are the Dubya flicks?

I enjoyed the Pepsi girl wheel of death...
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