Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

night in review.

went to rei with chuck and kenji. bought two photon keychain lights to spin (adam's suggestion) $20 each ... but at least now I can spin at night w/o setting trees on fire in the backyard.

then, went to get snatch movie tickets... sold out. went to burger king. went to blockbuster.... rented a terrible adam sandler movie (read reviews -- hilarious), his first movie ever. parts were funny, but the group consensus was that it sucked (the group now consisting of blythe and three of her friends) ... we put in ghostbusters instead.

blythe and her friends were drunk, so they volunteered to take a picture of them pushing their breasts up against my head for doppelganger, but all of them but blythe left suddenly so I didn't get the picture .... damnit. i was going to have 8 boobs in there, double ahze's count! so sad.

tomorrow i want to be productive. (heh ... I say that everyday) but damnit, tomorrow I am... i'm even setting my alarm clock!

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