Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

physics midterm was about what I expected, perhaps a little difficult. whatever ... it's over now. did pretty decent.

dana's in math class now, bored... she's text messaging me from her phone and we're having a little conversation. I found it amusing in physics the other day that that the professor makes a point to say that cellphones cannot be used during the midterm ... I guess people act like they're using it like a calculator (when in reality I've never seen a good calcuator on a phone), but really use it to text message each other during class. heh ... stupid, I figure: you couldn't have both your phone and calculator out without it being obvious you're using your phone to cheat, so anybody talking to anybody else on a phone also wouldn't have a calculator out, and that'd make the majority of the problems damn near impossible.

not sure what I'm doing now .... maybe I'll do some homework. actually, I need to do homework.... tomorrow is Tuesday Hell Day. bleh.

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