Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


heh, I was cleaning my backpack out and I found a crumpled up, worn post-it note with my initial notes for paid accounts. it has the following bullets
  • email address
  • (?)
  • multiple pictures
  • text messaging
  • customize talk pages
  • stats
I love finding old stuff like this... I put it all in my LJ folder when I find it. It's fun to look at later. It's amusing that there is stuff on here I still haven't done... stats should be easy, I just need a few hours one weekend. customizing talk pages (and userinfo pages, friends day views, text messaging pages, comments posted/received pages, etc....) are all currently my new top priority in redesigning the style system.

damnit, need to get back to homework.... I'm still on my cleaning spree... blythe was floored when she saw how spotless it is in here.

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