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Not a bad Tuesday....

I know the day isn't over yet, but I thought today was going to be much worse than it's been going so far, especially after only getting 5 hours of sleep.

I was really tired this morning and wanted to stay in my room all day, but being Tuesday Hell Day I knew I had to go to class....

Ever since I've lost my gloves riding my bike has sucked, but the ride to class wasn't that bad because it wasn't too cold at all.

Physics tutorial wasn't stressful because I had the homework done last night ... didn't have to rush to BS it this morning or in the 5 minutes before class started. Only annoying this was this little asian girl that was in our group who was giggle every 2 minutes and saying stuff like: "You guys are so smart." ... "I wish I could be your guys' lab partner." ... "Wow, you really know what you're doing." The thing is, though, we didn't.... we were just rushing through it like always so we could get out of there. She was amazed that I knew red was below green in the spectrum. wtf!? Stupid ditzy girls moochin' off our answers.... (No--- I'm not saying all girls are stupid and ditzy, but this one sure as hell was.) I started thinking about Elisa Durum (a girl from my high school) ... I always enjoyed doing homework with her because we were always helping each other out. Yeah.

So, now I'm in the computer lab during my two hour break. Programmin' time!
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