Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


my fingers have been so cold all day. can't type fast.

our house mailing list is busy today, everybody bitching about the 3-4 people that can't clean up after themselves. funny stuff.


blythe wants to go to dinner and bowling, but i'm irritated at her because she's irritated at me .... not sure why either of us got irritated in the first place. she's sick and tired and I'm hungry and tired and neither of us knew where kenji and amy were ... i think that kinda started it.

i made a sandwich and feel like taking a nap now.

i think my parents are coming to visit me this weekend, but I don't know when ... tonight? i can't get ahold of them. fucked up. why do people have cellphones if they don't keep them on them all the time and answer them?

so many things i want to get done, but whenever I do get something done, I feel like there's just more stuff I still need to get done.

i'm too tired lately to work effectively.

i go through phases where i'm tired for a week or two, then really awake for a week or two. i'm extremely tired now... maybe i'm at the low point of the cycle ... it can only get better from here?


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