Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

sysadmin monkey

I hate hate hate system administration. (that's 3 hates, btw)
So tedious and non-rewarding.
Programming? Programming rules.
System administration just ain't mah thang.
I wish I had a little sysadmin monkey that I could tell it what to do and it'd go do it, and report back to me when it was done and I'd give it bananas.
I wish I had a little monkeys for a lot of things ... cleaning my room, biting stupid people, ordering me pizza....

Tomorrow's gonna suck: two midterms on Monday. Monday is also my birthday ... great birthday present, eh? Then, I have to do all my homework that's due Tuesday because I don't feel like doing homework on my birthday.

I need to sleep.
Oh, but I can't ... because I have to do sysadmin stuff that I can't do during peak usage times. Goddamn sysadmin monkeys not bein' here... what? better trees and bananas in the jungle, you say? Screw you, monkey.

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