Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


03:29:19 LindelO: HELLO
03:29:29 SirBradly: HI U WANT 2 CYBER?????????
03:29:43 SirBradly: A/S/L
03:30:30 LindelO: 12/f/Georgia, you?
03:30:46 SirBradly: 42/M/AK
03:30:56 SirBradly: U LIKE OLD GUYZ?
03:31:06 LindelO: Dude, wrinklez turn me on.
03:31:27 SirBradly: I HAV WRIKSLE ON MY BUM
03:31:53 LindelO: and i'll trase my fingerz on them wrinckles
03:32:19 SirBradly: WILL U LICK MAH WRICKLES?!?
03:32:50 LindelO: only if I's can bite them
03:33:28 SirBradly: U R 1 WEIRD 12 yr OLD
03:33:51 LindelO: what's you expect? I is from georgia
03:34:24 SirBradly: GG I WNT 2 SLEEP NW GB
03:35:03 LindelO: Night Brad :)

it's time to go to bed. oh yes.


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