Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


damnit, i'm trying to do homework but aaron keeps farting! damnit aaron, stop that! now the room's freezing because we had to open the door and air the room out.

i've got 4.5/10 annotated bibliography entries done, then i still have 3.5 other things to do.

stoopid homework. :-(

and livejournal is going all slow, and that's what i really want to work on.... it pains me having those two new fucking fast servers sitting there doing nothing. i need to get them setup tomorrow.

where can I buy christmas lights in seattle? i want little white ones like you'd put on a xmas tree, to put all over my ceiling for lighting..... i don't have enough different types of lighting in my room now that my halogen tower is dead.

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