Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

working on getting the new livejournal servers workin'. writing some tools to help me easily manage them all centrally. yeah, something like this probably already exists, but i don't care. i'm rarely impressed by other people's code. plus, doing it myself the first time helps me appreciate other solutions when I see then, and better evaluate if they're sufficient or not.

megan and brittney are outside playing nintendo and doing their loud girl giggling and shrieking whenever they get a mushroom... kinda annoying, but tolerable i suppose. i had to turn on music to drown it out, but I don't even want to listen to music. *shrug*

looks like i'll be making a trip to hard drives northwest this weekend to upgrade my computer. i'm pretty excited about that... it looks like just the sort of little parts store that I love, just like my little favorite store from back home.

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