Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


In the summer of '98 after graduating, 4 of my friends and I packed up in a van and drove to Southern California to hit amusement parks. While we were at Disneyland we thought it'd be fun to hunt down all the princesses and get our pictures taken. We did.

Well, one of them found the website and wrote me back:

Hey Brad, I was Belle when you came to Disneylad, and a friend sent me the site because they found the pictures of me with you guys. Sorry I didn't keep my arm around you . They have strict rules about that. Thanks for making me famous! Did you guys like storytime?


Hey Brad,

I wrote you a little message on your question board but I'm not sure if you really get those or not. I was Belle when you came to Disneyland (must have been a few years ago because I haven't worked there for over a year and a half). Just wanted to say I hope you guys had fun and per your one friend who said he wanted to "do" Belle - how inappropriate! I hope little kids weren't around to be polluted by you crazy guys and it's definitely a good thing the Beast didn't hear that. Ha ha, look at me still in character. Anyway, I'm glad you guys had fun, hope you liked the storytime (my favorite time of day- the bookshop was much cooler than the hot sun surrounded by scores of sweaty guests) and Rupert (Jeff) says hi- he's the one who found your site somehow and sent me the link. Just thought you guys might get a kick out of knowing I got to see (read) everything you guys said about me! (Don't worry, I won't tell the other Princesses)

Take care,


In other news, um: nothing.


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