Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Woke up this morning very awake.... quite odd.

First class went okay.

Kinda annoyed: Mike hasn't been around to pay the gas bill, so I had to. Megan leaves the downstairs messy as hell all the time, and Kenji's VCR that they took without asking him is still down there. Normally I wouldn't mind things that happen between other people, but that's just plain rude. Where's Hannibal when we need him?

Weather's nice today.... pretty warm and sunny.

Bunch of more classes today.

My geography paper is due next week, and I haven't started. Blah.

ASLab wrote me back... I have to go down to Speakeasy later and see if the fan's working in lj-stan (the dead server). They suspect the blower is dead, or the memory is bad. Great.

Off to mail the gas bill, then walk around and enjoy the weather.
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