Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Morning in review.

I had some crazy dreams last night.
Woke up tired.
Debated skipping geography, but decided to go.
I should have skipped geography.... he spent 40 minutes going over the different between absolute grading (90%-100% = A) and relative grading (the "curve"). I swear that asshole repeats himself over and over. I wanted to raise my hand and point out that half the class was just talking, asleep, and bored, but I didn't.

Instead, I left class, took a walk, bought some coffee and a cookie, and went back to class, thinking he'd be done and moved on to real material. Nope... he kept going. We got a few minutes of real material cover.

Stupid large freshman classes.... why'd I take it? I like small little hard classes.... they're actually interesting, too. And you're not treated like a dumbass.

To contrast this, I went to physics and the midterm distribution was up on the overhead with the mean, standard deviation (which we didn't even get to in 40 minutes in Geography), and the professor didn't even talk about it... he just started right up with lecture material. Sooo much nicer. Except some people were talking behind me. I wanted to stab them with my mechanical pencil. Anybody that talks during class deserves to be stabbed and bleed to death. Seriously. If you want to talk, don't go to class.

At the end of physics he was talking about electron waves and quantum theory.... fucking creepy stuff. Most areas of study are boring until you get into the really advanced stuff, I've found. But I guess that isn't too surprising.

After class Evan and I went down to Speakeasy and started a 2-hour memory check program running on one of the servers... we went and ate at Momma's (a mexican restaurant) while we wait. After eating, an hour into the tests, there were still no errors..... sad. However, just as we were leaving, a bunch of errors were found! Hooray! We know the hardware is faulty now, and it wasn't my fault.

Came back, read mail, and now Kenji and I are going to go spin for awhile.

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