Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


i took an extra long time building the system, making sure i did everything carefully and correctly, even to the point of making sure all the cables were clean.

i went to boot it and... everything works! installing debian now.

oh, one thing that doesn't work: i didn't hook up all the case lights.... i hate those.... so hard to figure out what goes where, and the motherboard manual isn't much help, either. i guess i'll figure that out later.

system so far:

866 P3, 256 MB memory, 50x cd-rom (secondary master), 18 gb IBM drive (primary master.. boot disk), 60 gb maxtor (secondary slave), 60 gb ibm (primary slave). the two 60 gbs will be in a raid-1 array.

i'm going to need to buy a new sound card, since my old one was ISA (heh) and I don't have any ISA slots on this motherboard.

okay, enough blabbing.... back to installin'

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