Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I've been working on my geography paper for the past hour or so. It's been so long since I've used Microsoft Word... I hate it so much. Some parts are very nice, but there are enough stupid little things about it that it's just aggravating to use. Every release of Word since version 2.0 has gone downhill, in my opinion. Word now tries to do so much for you that you spend more time telling it to fuck off than you do working on your content. Turning off the AutoFormat while typing stuff helps a lot, but it's still annoying. I took me over 10 minutes to find out how to turn off the "Personalized Menus".

Worse, I hate using Microsoft-style keybindings... I'm so used to emacs/readline bindings. Search backwards: Control-R. Oh, shit.... i just right-justified the paragraph.

I tried to learn LaTeX once, but gave up after a few days of messing around. I got it to produce output and everything, but now I've forgotten it all. I should go learn again.

I'm stalling.... I should go back to my paper. (I get off task easily when I'm working on boring homework. I'm doing my laundry now, and I cleaned my room some more.... heh)

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