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Brad Fitzpatrick

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g'night [Feb. 26th, 2001|03:10 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
my geography paper is nearing completion. sooo boring to work on. I wanted to finish tonight, but i'm happy with the progress so i'm going to bed.

tomorrow will be stressful: all my stuff is due tuesday, as usual. but this week is worse... friday we have our final midterm in physics. i'd best be doing good on this one, considering how poorly I did on that last one... (our lowest midterm grade of three gets thrown out)

i have a billion livejournal things I want to work on, but no time.

i've been debating what to do for spring break... I ruled out mexico since I've done that the past 2 years. too much planning and money. i was considering driving down the west coast, and still might, but right now i'm thinking i just need some time off from everything and everybody, doing whatever i want, whenever I want.

let's see that countdown:
sanity: coming soon. but not tomorrow.