Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

good day

woke up at 6 to register for classes.... so far I have classics (greek/roman stuff) and history of the atomic bomb (heh). i'm also trying to overload into AI, my last CS class.

after that I did my physics homework (because I fell asleep while doing it last night) and then was furiously debugging an LJ bug, fixing it 5 minutes before class... i rode my bike dangerously fast to class, just making it on time.

turned in all my homework, skipped music, laid on the grass in the quad with blythe in the sun... went to my last physics lab, it was easy....

now, bunch of physics homework and pizza, then LJ stuff, then sleep....

I love being unsick... so much extra energy. normally I hate tuesday hell, but today it was quite nice.

also, this is amusing:
The alleged release notes state that neither the "typical" nor the "full" IE 6 installs are available for Windows 2000. And the IE 6 public preview won't run at all on Windows 95, according to the alleged release notes. The preview will run on Windows NT 4.0 (but only with Service Pack 6a or higher), Windows 98 and Windows XP beta builds.
Go Microsoft! They can't even support all their own platforms? And what a diverse selection they've chosen.... NT 4 but not 2000? 98 but not ME? Gimme a break.
Tags: bike
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