Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Fun day

I can't even remember all the shit I did today, but I'll try to recap:
  • went downtown and stole stan from speakeasy. lisa didn't even see me sneak in.... i was just like, "WOOOSH" and was outta there. she's so oblivious. geesh. (chris let me in)
  • came back and went to bellevue and picked up angelicdestiny. oh, and i returned some shit and bought a sound card.
  • went to 3 or 4 different computer stores (within less than a block of each other (!!)) to find memory (nobody has what I wanted) and a black keyboard for angelicdestiny (can I write her real name in here? nobody else every does... is it an LJ secret?)
  • went to red robin's. damn good food. that red robin's is huge compared to the u-district one. note to self, once again: u district = ghetto.
  • went back to bellevue and hung out at AD's place while watching the traffic cam page, since traffic sucks in Seattle!!!. seriously, think LJ is slow? no.... there are bigger congestion problems in the world... go outside and try to drive. dear god. enough to make one go crazy.
  • walk over to jag's office with AD, despite her whining that she didn't want to go (I convinced her).
  • jag showed me the stuff he's been working on.... neat stuff. then we played air hockey.... i beat him, but we both sucked.
  • came home.
What now? So much to do:
  • install soundcard
  • jeorge's revenge w/ blythe, kenji, and amy
  • bitch slap stan (figure out why he's not working)... first need to figure out why my personal machine's /dev/fd0 isn't accessible.... (need to make a boot floppy) maybe i never plugged it in, since I installed from cd-rom. i'll look at that when i install the soundcard.
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