Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

day in review

Went through waves of lethargy/depression/grumpiness today so I avoided posting to keep my journal from sounding too pathetic.

But now I'm in a good mood again.... Scott wrote a native windows server for gnomie so the perl dependency is removed and there's no stupid perl window in the taskbar anymore. I'll put the source and binary up on the web tomorrow for you whitaker. :-)

I haven't started any of my homework yet.... I just haven't cared. I might try and do some now.

Blythe and I made mac'n'cheese for dinner. It wasn't too good.

I released the LiveJournal source out ot a select group of people to do a code review & security audit before it's official released on the 17th.... can't wait to start getting flames, suggestions, questions, and patches.

Also, spent a lot of time today speeding up LiveJournal. Today was pretty good, but I expect it'll hold up even better tomorrow. We shall see.
Tags: perl, tech
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