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Brad Fitzpatrick

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errand machine [Mar. 6th, 2001|06:40 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
I'm an errand machine!

Oh, the many things I did today... bank, shipped lj-stan back to aslab.com (goddamnit), got new phone card and more iced tea, went through a $2 carwash (supposed to be $4 but the dude thought I bought gas.... heh.)

Now I'm starting physics homework for 20 minutes until I go to a musical on campus... Joe versus the volcano. Should be interesting.... I like musicals. I think. Generally. I heard it was funny, so that's good.

Starting to get good comments about the LJ source I released to about a dozen people last night. I can't wait until a shitload of people are all hackin' on it... should get interesting.

Okay, back to physucks.