Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Blythe and I went to Joe vs. the Volcano earlier.... good show.

Ordered pizza with Scott and Eli.

Working on physics now but some retarded person is bugging me on AIM:

---- New Conversation @ Wed Mar 7 00:03:08 2001 ----
00:03:09 Blythe: blah blah blah
00:03:17 Blythe: poke poke poke ;-P
00:03:20 Brad: yup
00:04:32 Blythe: ?
00:04:54 Brad: yup
00:05:04 Blythe: ?
00:05:07 Brad: ?
00:05:13 Blythe: yup?
00:05:15 Blythe: ?
00:05:20 Brad: yup
00:05:28 Blythe: ?

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