Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

classes, cleaning, finals

Classes are over for the quarter! only finals remain. livejournal's going damn fast.

I should be happy, but i'm kinda in a weird mood. Guess I'm going to clean my room... whenever I'm bored and confused I clean my room... good useless activity which makes me happy when it's done.

Taking a huge load of clothes that I never wear and just take up space down to Goodwill. I was going to throw them away but we never have extra space in our trash and Blythe reminded me of Goodwill... guess there's a drop-off spot really close to here.

Not looking forward to finals:

Monday: Geography--- lot of reading to do to catch up. Should be easy, but really time consuming and boring. Final is writing a bunch of short essays.

Tuesday: Music--- have to memorize the circle of fifths and the order of flats/sharps in the keys. The rest of the stuff I already know and should be good on. That final I'm not scared about at all.

Wednesday: Physics--- it'll probably kick my ass, just like all three midterms have. I've never done this poorly in a physics class. It's depressing.

Blah. Back to cleaning.

Blythe's going to be gone all weekend down by Nick's area for a wedding, so I'll have time to either study or be productive and work. I'll probably do neither, but I'd like to do both.

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