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eFront's corruption made slashdot:
"In short, eFront was a company which bought out successful websites and turned them into cash cows by maximizing profit through different ways of banner and other advertising. Not a bad idea, except that their methods aren't exactly pretty ones. A disgruntled employee obtained some crucial ICQ logs (mirror), which show the true spirit behind eFront. It includes cheating on banner companies, cheating on top100 sites, talking about raping a female webmaster because she doesn't agree on some points, tax evasion, delaying payment to webmasters, literally harrassing sites out of existance and all kinds of other nasty stuff. Somebody put together a summary about how it concerns the emulation scene. Also notice OverClocked's comic about it and Tim Eckel's previous ventures against the emulation community, and Penny Arcade. And it's all over the place already. FuckedCompany, SomethingAwful, Lum the Mad (and their forums), Get High Forums, support pages and Retrogames' General and Current Affairs boards. Somebody even found that their CEO has earlier been convicted."
For those that don't know, eFront "owns" .... I knew they were corrupt when I "sold" it to them, but I didn't know how corrupt. My deal with them was just so I could get rid of the site and never look back... they were going to take over running all of it. And, I was going to get a bunch of money per month and a shitload of stock options (which I knew were worthless from day one). Basically, my thinking was: if I get nothing, who cares... at least I'm done with the site. If I get paid, bonus. If I get the shitload of stock money, be really happy.

Well, they never even moved FreeVote to their own servers, and continued to harass me to put up new ad campaigns and such on the site. So I gained nothing and lost the rights to the site. And I still had to keep paying $1,600/month for the servers. (which eFront keeps saying they'll pay be back for... but won't.)

So, recently I assigned the contract to marcuso and his company is going to take over all negotiations with them. Once Marcus gets his servers up (he's been out buying new parts), then I'm going to transfer freevote onto those, and I'm finally done. We're then going to shutdown the S-corp officially so we don't have to keep paying lawyers to do annual reports and accountants to do taxes.

Good riddance.
Tags: perl, tech

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