Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


highlights of the evening:

-- val made us brownies
-- watched simpsons with erik and eli
-- made hot chocolate
-- copied an insane number of mp3s from eli. soooo much stuff now, and replaced a bunch of my damaged mp3s. i've also started organizing my mp3s more and ripping more of my cds. My structure is:

By Artist/Artist Name/Album/01 - Track.mp3

And then, I have symlinks like:

By Genre/Rock/Artist Name/ --> ../../By Artist/Artist Name

This makes it easy to search by any means I want, and to auto-generate playlists for certain genres and such.

To clean duplicates I have scripts to munge about filenames and directories to determine if these two match:

By Artist/Artist Name/Track/05 - Song Name
Incoming/Artist Name - Song Name

Then, I also keep an MD5 index of each file, so I can see if I have two completely duplicate files that the above check didn't find.

I like problems like this.

Oh, back to studying. Heh.
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