Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

la la la la la, part 2

killing time, killing time. blah blah blah. interesting things o' the day:
  • it's fawkin' windy out. like... very windy. trees branches are flyin' all over and it's hard to walk or ride a bike. very cool.
  • saw sarah on campus.... the wind was tipping her over. heh.
  • naomi wanted to register but i already have it!!! hahahahah.... you suck!
that is all. blythe and i are going to study or something and then go take our music final. i'm studying physics with jj after class.

i had to come back home because I forgot to print out my notes for physics and jason's cell number. btw, physics is gonna kick my ass i've realized, the more I study. but what's new? countdown: 25.5 hours!!!!

Tags: bike
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