Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

damn I suck

I ordered a DVD I already own. I went to Amazon to stop the order but:
We're sorry. It is too late to cancel this item, as it has already entered the shipping process. If you want to return the item after it arrives, read our Returns Policy to learn how.
Grrr. Anybody want to buy Men in Black? It was my only movie I had on VHS, but apparently I'd already 'upgraded' it to DVD (It's still in shrink wrap on my shelf) ... so I also have the VHS if anybody wants that for free.

Tonight --- many plans:
  • Now: go find Fred Meyer and get a scrabble board.
  • 7:00 dinner with blythe
  • 8:30 or 9:00: finish setting up marcus's server... at least it's out of my room now... working on it remotely. moving over freevote.
  • 10:30: scrabble party with chuck, evan, blythe, phunkygrrl, and one or two of phunkygrrl's friends.

Rant: why is it louder around here now that school's out but most of the people are gone? go home to your parents, people! leave me alone in this dirty ass house.... I want silence. some jackass is repeatedly ringing the doorbell right now. i think most of them are leaving soon... that'll be nice.
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