Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

soooo tired

i can hardly type or focus my eyes. i haven't been getting much sleep at all lately, and i can't tonight either... have to take my car in tomorrow at 11, which means waking up at like 10... in 5.5 hours. ugh.

tonight in review:
--- blythe and i made spaghetti and bread. went to fred meyer ... tons of rain ...
--- scrabble tournament (8 people... 2 boards). fun stuff. we only played 1 game because we were all so tired. i own a board now, though, so much more playing in the future. i beat kenji, amy, and anil by a ton .... amy i'll forgive because she hates it (i remember when I used to hate it so), and anil I can forgive because it was his first game ever, but kenji I'm going to give shit because he has no excuse... he'd better improve. oh yes.
--- went downtown with evan from 2:30am-now to upgrade cartman (the LJ db server) ... my god, what a pain. dell servers are extremely impressive, but nothing went well, really. it should've been easy.

on a happy note, though... today is blythe and I's 1 year "anniversary". a year ago and 4 hours ago we kissed for the first time (and then kissed a lot more), and then I ran back to my dorm room and grabbed my suitcase with eli and we got on a plan to puerto vallarta. check out my entry from last year ... that 3 hour gap was making out with blythe. :-)
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