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yay for FITZ!!!

Okay, this is way damn cool:

Blythe and I are coming back from Cucina Cucina and we see a car right in front of us with the license plate "FITZ". My license plate is "BFITZ". I was ecstatic... "I need to get in front of them so they can see mine!" We get into the right lane and speed up (this is amongst a bunch of cars)... we notice the guy that was previously behind me notice the car in front of him is now FITZ instead of BFITZ... he points it out to his wife. The car in front of me in the right lane moves and I speed up to get in sight of the FITZ car... his wife notices. We both pull up behind the cars in front of us at a red light and roll down our windows.

Me: "Nice license plate!"
Him: "I like your's too!"
His Wife: "His name's Bob, what's yours?"
Me: "Brad!"
Him: "I'm a Fitzgerald... what are you?"
Me: "Fitzpatrick."

We both smile, like that was the coolest damn thing we'd seen all week. (and it was, sadly.)

Him: "Well, happy St. Patrick's day!"
Me: "You too!"

And we both drive off when the light turns green.

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