Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Damn butter

So, get this ---- I'm re-ripping and encoding all my CDs into mp3s, right? because grip rules. Anyway, I start ripping this Beck CD and it speeds through tracks 1-9 and just stops at track 10. I skip 10. It goes at 0.2x through track 11, then stops. I suddenly remember having this same problem in 1994 when I originally got the CD. I take out the CD .... there's butter on it. How can butter stay on a CD for 7 years? I'm having a hard time believing it was butter, but it sure as hell looked like butter. I wiped it all off and it finished ripping. But to think --- I've gone 7 years without Mellow Gold in my mp3 archive because of a splotch of butter or butter-like substance. Bizarre.
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