Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I'm half-way through the reading I'm supposed to in Homer's "The Iliad" for tomorrow's discussion section. I'm done with books 1-3. General thoughts so far:
  • Too might fighting over girls. Girls aren't worth international wars.
  • Don't mess with Gods. You won't win.
  • Zeus kicks ass.
  • Everybody has 40 straight black ships or 40 curved black ships. Sometimes 80, but always black.
  • The introduction by Bernard Knox kicked ass. The 15 pages of the 77 I read, anyway. That part isn't required, as it turns out. But the part I did read was fascinating .... speculating on whether Homer was literate or not, and how it got passed down for 2,700 years.
  • Did Book 2 really have to list a billion people's names? Sounds like Blythe talking[1].... I give her crap for telling me stories with random names in it that I've never heard before and she'll never reference again or give me details about. Just kinda pointless... makes you think, "Am I supposed to remember this character for the future, or am I forgetting this character from the past?" I dunno. But I hope I don't have to remember all those characters from book 2. Oh my.
Overall, pretty good so far.

[1] She's getting better, though. :-)


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