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Morning [Mar. 28th, 2001|02:04 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Back from classes. Saw a ton of people on campus again today... pretty cool.

Got an email from a guy at IBM, an AIX "advanced technical expert" ... he'd read from searching Google that I'd got my Coolpix 880 working with gphoto in Linux. Unfortunately I'd deleted my cvs tree, where I'd also kept my patches, so I wasn't much help. I directed him towards the mailing list archives, where he could probably dig up my patch. That was awhile ago, though.... I'd imagine 880 support is already in there. I wonder if he was using gphoto2 or the old gphoto? Hm.

I went to the Ave after class and returned my music book ($46 back ... *ka-ching*) because it was only optional, and the prof set it wasn't that great. Yeah, like I'm going to keep it, then. Also hit the post office and sent a letter off, laden with 66 cents of postage again because I couldn't find my 1 cent stamps again. (Note to self: clean room.) I tell myself I'll clean my room all the time, but it always comes back to the core problem of not having enough space.... I have some strategies on how to make more space now: My bookshelf, while seemingly an ideal place for books, would be a better place for my most frequenly accessed items, and my books (all but 3 or 4) can go underneith my elevated bed, back in a corner. Yes... this is the plan.

But first! Must read more Homer.... I didn't finish last night, and we're discussing it in class tomorrow. Today's lecture didn't really require having read it all. I only have 40 more pages or so to read... won't be so painful.

[User Picture]From: blythe
2001-03-28 02:33 pm (UTC)
Hey dipshit.. tape a penny on the letter! :P
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