Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Evening in review

Before I go to bed, a quick update:
  • Blythe came over and wanted to keep watching Pretty Woman, which she was half-way through at her house. I used to watch that movie all the time... good stuff.
  • Went to dinner at Red Robin with Blythe and at0m.
  • Rearrange/clean room --- I know I talk about cleaning my room a lot, but usually I just talk about doing it and never do. Today I cleaned, rearranged, threw away, organized... I have tons of free space now. Totally cool, EXCEPT:
    • I dropped a shotglass and it shattered all over my floor. Took quite awhile to pick up all the shards, and I'm still stepping on them.
    • While vacuuming, I shocked and killed one of my 19" monitors I'm guessing with static electricity (which my room seems to generate oh-so-easily). I printed out the RMA request form and faxed it in already. Hopefully I'll get the confirmation tomorrow and ship it out. Shipping is $80 or so (I know that from shipping back my other defective ADI 6P monitor.... frickin' huge footprint and heavy). Annoying. So, no more Windows for awhile. Oh well. Mozilla totally rocks lately, anyway. I only used Windows for IE and Outlook Express anyway.
  • Found a ton of things back that I was missing, as a result of cleaning my room:
    • 1 cent stamps
    • Box of printer paper
    • subway stamps
    • receipts I needed
    • .. and so much more!
  • Got tired, brushed my teeth, and wrote an LJ entry with a lot of bold text. Hoo-haw!

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