Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

die, new technology.

My *sigh* before was because it's such a good day, but LJ was being difficult. I found and fixed the problem. though. It won't happen again unless the size of the table indexes reach 4.3 terabytes. You can never know enough stuff.... as competent as I feel at whatever topic, I'm always finding new problems. That's not a problem, though... that's what makes things interesting. I just don't like having to fix things in my break between classes.

Shipped my monitor back to ADI to get fixed. A nice Thai woman called me today with my RMA number and I then took it right down to Mailboxes-Etc. Last time I shipped a monitor back to ADI it took me about two weeks--- had to find the form on their website, go to Kinko's to fax it, wait for the RMA number, find a place to pack it, etc. This time I already knew where the form was, have a fax machine now, and knew of a better place to ship it. Last time I was carrying this 60 pound monitor up and down the Ave looking for a place that had a big enough box to ship it. This time I drove right into U-Village and parked in front of the place. They put it in a box they called, "The Fatty", which Kenji found most amusing.

While we waited for them to box it up, Kenji and I killed time at Office Depot fucking around with label printers. I printed one "Kenji Blows Goats" and he printed "Brad Kisses Gerbils" or something. We stuck them on various things. I then printed one, "Redefining Label Printin'" and stuck it on top of the existing slogans for one of the companies that makes label printers. Seriously --- "Performance Label System"? Sorry, it's a damn label printer... not too complex. Stop trying to make it sound high-tech.

Oh, so my deep thought for today.... up until this last year, I've always tried to stay on the forefront of technology: had to get the fastest chips and newest gadgets. I despised fax machines because scanners+emails did the job better.... color, better resolution, no phone line, etc. I also hated long distance and normal phones because I could just use my cell phone for all that. I hated Zip disks because they weren't a standard.... I bought an LS-120 drive which was supposed to be a standard but kinda flopped. Got it working and never used it once. BUT... I've realized this is all stupid. I now buy phone cards to use for long distance, because cellphones sound like ass and probably give us all tumors in our brain anyway, I own a fax machine, I buy mid-to-high end processors, not the fastest. It's a lot easier like this.... if I need to fax something I don't have to worry about going to Kinkos. If I need to call somebody I can use a phone that sounds good. Buying common and/or older hardware usually ensures better driver support.

It might be fun gaving the latest toys, and from time to time I'll still get new things that are less supported and common, but it sure makes life easier having stuff like a fax machine and a phone card. I faxed off my ADI form last night, got the RMA number today and shipped it today. Shipping was $60, but cheaper than a $400 monitor.

Yay for rambling. You read all this? :-P

Going to work on my networked board game system (NBGS) for awhile. Scott's going to help work on it with me... getting my build environent all setup, then going to have Scott review my protocol ideas, then I'll make the start of the framework, then we can work in parallel writing different game plugins.

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