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Brad Fitzpatrick

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la la [Mar. 31st, 2001|10:11 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
went to chuck's last night and watched two movies... very bad things and top gun. that's a lot of movies to watch back to back, but it was cool.

for dinner Blythe and I wanted chinese food, but safeway's deli thing had shut down, so we got McDonald's instead... it's been like... a long damn time since I had mickey d's... crispy chicken sandwich good. fries weren't so good. dick's is better. so is jack in the box.

after chuck's I worked on NBGS awhile... got the UI for most the dialogs looking and resizing nice. gtk's box model totally owns swing's, though. i didn't want to use swing, but it does have some nice things, so I guess jdk 1.1 won't be the platform i target anymore. oh well. maybe i'll write my own layout manager and a few widgets later and port it down to jdk 1.1. for now, though, i just want to see it work. i'll probably post an early copy later, and see if I can't get the server running on bradfitz.com.

[User Picture]From: hawk
2001-03-31 11:28 am (UTC)
Yeah, when it comes to fast food, if you're not in california (where the choice is obvious, even if you have to drive for an hour each way), it's hard to beat a 'ghetto jack' sandwich. My favorite fries are Wendy's, though, actually. Again that's qualified by the "not in california" thing.
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[User Picture]From: bradfitz
2001-03-31 11:50 am (UTC)
wendy's just plain rules.

but I heard they got rid of their pitas..... those were the best. :/
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[User Picture]From: hawk
2001-03-31 11:58 am (UTC)

God, this conversation is making me really miss my animal style 3x3's, though. ::sigh::

One of the few things I actually like about living in the bay.
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[User Picture]From: visions
2001-03-31 11:30 am (UTC)
will swing run in applets? i never tried it there...
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[User Picture]From: bradfitz
2001-03-31 11:52 am (UTC)
I think so.... there's a JApplet swing class, in any case.

Probably won't run in most browsers, though. I haven't detected/logged what JVMs people are using in a long time... but I'm guessing it's still 1.1.x stuff everywhere.
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From: joshknowles
2001-03-31 12:32 pm (UTC)


Swing is only supported in 1.1 with a special add-on. If you have the plugin 1.2 or higher then swing works fine in applets.
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