Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

NBGS update.

got the NBGS (Networked Bored Game Server) server running on now (port 7504 if you want to connect and watch).

all it can do so far is chat (i have 3 clients connected to it from my home machine) but I have all the infrastructure done to make the rest pretty straight-forward.

have I said how much I love Java lately? Swing is very well designed, from what I've seen of it so far. yay for model/view/controller. I'm using a JTextPane swing widget for my ChatWindow so the chatting is all purty and colored/styled. very nice.

once I get a simple game working (tic-tac-toe) then I'll release everything and any java programmers out there can start writing new Game subclasses.

oh, one cool feature which I started to work on: you can join a game as either a player or an observer. the observers can talk and watch everything, but don't get scored or get to take any turns. i figure one things are ready, then scott and I can both write scrabble bots, and we can then join the game and watch our bots play each other. our bots can then use the chat area to say what they're "thinking".

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