Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

yay for extra parts

Me: "You guys happen to have an extra ethernet card?"
Chuck: "Yeah, I got one."
... I set it up ....
Me: "Oh, you guys happen to have an extra ethernet cable?"
Kenji: "Yeah, I bought one yesterday and was going to return it... want to buy it?"

Heh. Cool.

Update: Few minutes later I rearrange some things away from the heater on the wall (which will start working tomorrow)

Me: "Oh, I'm going to have to go buy another phone cable tomorrow then."
Kenji: "Oh, I've got some." (he's got TONS)


Update again: Chuck's ethernet card is dead ... physically. No pretty green lights. Anybody in the Seattle area have a spare old (but working) network card? I need it for my LJ test server.... testing some NAT and firewall stuff instead of screwing up the real servers.

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